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SolarMax™ Fabric by DuPont

SolarMax™ brand nylon was introduced by DuPont in 1996 to promote superior ultraviolet resistance and appearance benefits of a family of nylon yarns for use in outdoor fabric applications.

DuPont SolarMax Fabric LogoThe product line includes 200-denier bright and semi-dull lusters, and 30- to 210-denier high-tenacity yarns.

DuPont nylon yarns have enjoyed excellent performance for many years in applications such as flags, banners, hot-air balloons, parachutes, sportchutes, life jackets, and tents. Inherent strength and built-in ultraviolet resistance, using a base type 6,6 nylon, allows superior performance over type 6 nylons and polyesters of similar fabric constructions.

For bright color or sparkling luster applications, the use of the bright or high-tenacity yarns makes attractive fabrics while maintaining even dye appearance and good screen printing/dyeing processing. Use of bright-luster yarns will also provide enhanced brilliance for higher-intensity screening graphics.

Flags and banners of DuPont SolarMax™ have inherent weather- and UV-resistance properties that last. Flag enthusiasts prefer the snappy way in which flags of DuPont SolarMax™ nylon "fly" -- a snap that polyester or other fabric blends don't provide. Banners constructed of DuPont SolarMax™ ensure them an extra long -- and colorful -- life. DuPont tests show the performance of SolarMax™ when compared to other fabrics.

For more information about SolarMax™, please visit DuPont's website!

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